N.E.C. Group is operating in the business of industrial plants for the Oil, Gas and Chemical industries since more than 40 years. Specialized in the supervision and assembly of steam generators and their relative utilities, the company has acquired a vast experience in servicing boilers of all types. The strength of the group lies in its tenacity, a quality which, combined with experience and talent, enables to achieve all set objectives. 

N.E.C. responds to the most specific requirements of its Customers, by offering customized products of increasingly higher quality standards. With a natural vocation for satisfying market demand, it guarantees servicing activities worldwide.
The whole welding procedures of N.E.C. Group  are qualified  by TUV and RINA according to UNI-EN and ASME Codes.





All companies belonging to the N.E.C. Group comply with the integrated system standards of safety management. Their staff’s health is constantly monitored through periodic visits and check-ups, backed up by training courses and instructions about safety and intervention procedures. All staff members are qualified to work at a height or in confined spaces besides primary care and fire training courses. Company avails itself of professionals with years of experience in order to offer the highest level of professionalism during its assembly, revamping and service activities on boilers. Operational staff is constantly trained thanks to the presence of consultants and teachers, to guarantee state-of-the-art service quality to customers. N.E.C. firmly believes in workplace safety. This vision has greatly advantaged the group from a moral, administrative and quality viewpoint.

N.E.C. Group strictly complies with worksite rules and Customer’s instructions, above all, it is particularly attentive to issues arising from the handling of hazardous substances.

Safety and Quality? Matter of ETHICS.



N.E.C. Group aims to consolidate its worldwide reputation as a benchmark in the Oil&Gas industry. An innovative company which offers the best customized products and invests with trust in people, with a strong propensity for on-going research into new technologies. 

Company activities have always been focused on safeguarding human rights and complying with work safety standards. 
The strength of the group lies in the determination with which it addresses new projects, with passion, innovation and steady expertise development.

Future aims: installation of a site with cutting edge technologies for optimizing processes and creation of a logistics centre to streamline production flows. 


N.E.C. Srl is subdivided into functional departments based on its various activities. The production area covers a surface area of 1700 sq m, while 120 sq m are given over to the administrative offices. Furthermore, the company has a workforce of 70 workers comprising of office staff and qualified workers.  The organizational model allows for cross participation in production processes. 

N.E.C. Srl is able to supply project engineering and detailed engineering services. Furthermore, it guarantees timely execution through a detailed planning engineering and a direct coordination of logistic activities for transportation and installation of plants.
The company works with latest generation equipment, aerial platforms, self-propelled cranes, multidirectional scaffolding and vehicles equipped for urgent servicing jobs. 

Besides, it also handles the replacement of tube bundles and their respective expansion, restoration of serpentine coils and cleaning with the aid of industrial extractors. 

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